Join the 200 Club with a chance to win some cash prizes.  Raising money to support YOUR Village Hall.

Only £1.00 per month.

Complete and return the application form  and a Collector will contact you when it is time to start paying your subscriptions; pay monthly or annually.

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Community Litter Pick - Saturday 14th June 2018, 10.30am - Meet outside Village Hall

1.       Membership will be strictly limited to 200.

2.       Subscriptions will be £1.00 per calendar month, payable in advance of each draw.

3.       A draw will be held on the first Wednesday of each month and three cash prizes of £10.00 and four of £5.00 will be awarded.

4.       On the first Wednesday in January, April, September and October an additional cash prize of £50.00 will be awarded.

5.       On the first Wednesday in June and December an additional draw will be held for £100.00.

6.       On the first Wednesday in February and August an additional draw will be held for £200.00.

7.       On the first Wednesday in November, March, May and July an additional draw will be held for £25.00.

8.       Only current members of the “200 Club” will be eligible for the above mentioned draws which will take place at 7.15pm on the first Wednesday of the month in the Village Hall.

9.       New members will be eligible for each draw beginning with the one held in the calendar month after their first subscription.

10.   Draw winners will be notified.  A list of all winners will appear in the Parish News & on the village website, 

11.   Winners have the right to withdraw consent for their names being published by contacting the 200 Club Administrator.

12.   A waiting list of prospective members will be maintained by the 200 Club Administrator to fill any vacancies that arise.

13.   Amendments to these rules may only be made by the Fairfield Village Hall Management Committee, which is responsible for appointing the 200 Club Administrator, for conducting the business of the Club and for dealing with any matters not specifically mentioned in these Rules.

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