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Welcome to Fairfield Village

& the Hamlets of Wildmoor & Stoneybridge

July is Floral Fairfield, the annual competition that encourages households & businesses in Fairfield & Stoneybridge to create ribbons of colours throughout the community by displaying hanging baskets and floral tubs in front of properties.

This year there will also be prizes for the best front garden.

Prizes were awarded to the best floral displays that can be seen and enjoyed by people passing by.

The categories are:

       Large Property - a) Best front garden & b) Best tub(s)/basket

       Small Property - a) Best front garden & b) Best tub(s)/basket

       Business Property - Best tub(s)/basket



1)   Competition is open to residents that live in Fairfield & Stoneybridge;

2)   Judging will take place along the following roads

       Bournheath Road

       Brook Road

       Dordale Road (Between Parish Hill and Brook Road)

       Fairfield Court

       Mount Road (properties in the Parish of Belbroughton & Fairfield)

       Orchard Villas

       Parish Hill (properties in the Parish of Belbroughton & Fairfield)

       Pepperwood Close

       School Drive


       Stourbridge Road

       Swan Lane

       Wood Lane


       Yew Tree Lane

3)   To enter the competition, make sure your floral displays can be seen and enjoyed by the 1st July;

4)   Judging will take place during July;

5)   Displays must be sited on resident's property and not on public paths and highway;

6)   Floral displays must be seen and can be enjoyed by people passing by;

7)   Certificates will be award to the winner and runner-ups for each category;

8)   Judges’ decision is final;

9)   The rules can change without notice;

10) Even though this is a competition, it is a bit of fun.



Gardens, Tubs & Baskets have now been judged, the winners and properties marked Highly Commended are below.

Each property listed below has been presented with their winning certificate.

This year did see an increase in the number of properties displaying tubs and baskets.  Thank you to all properties that took part.

Floral Fairfield will be back next year.  Please encourage your neighbours to help create ribbons of colour throughout our community.

2017 Winners

Overall Winner:  124 Stourbridge Road

​Category:  Business Property                                                                                             

Winner                         Swan Inn, Stourbridge Road                                                           

Highly Commended      New Barn, Swan Lane                                                                       

Highly Commended      The Cattery, Parish Hill                                                                     


Category:  Large Property                                                                                                       

Winner                        Fairview, Dordale Road                                                                    

Highly Commended      Hill Top, Dordale Road                                                                     

Highly Commended      Glenwood, Wood Lane                                                                    


Category:  Small Property                                                                                                       

                                              Garden                                                 Tubs                                         Baskets

Winner                         124 Stourbridge Road                    108 Stourbridge Road                        4 Dordale Road

Highly Commended      26 Yew Tree Lane                             65 Stourbridge Road                        79 Brook Road

Highly Commended      119 Brook Road                                9 Stourbridge Road                           95 Stourbridge Road


Category:  Small Bungalow

                                           Garden                                                 Tubs                                         Baskets

Winner                         1 Bungalow Fairfield Court           4B Pepperwood Close                     14 Pepperwood Close

Highly Commended      2a Pepperwood Close                    3 Pepperwood Close                       8 Pepperwood Close


Category:  Stoneybridge                                                                                      

Winner                        1a Stoneybridge                                                                                 

Highly Commended      7 Stoneybridge                                                                                   


Category:  Unusal Pot Container                                                                       
Winner                     2 High House, Stourbridge Road                                                   


2016 Winners

Overall Winner:  12 Stourbridge Road

Large Property

Winner:  Hilltop Farm, Dordale Road  

Highly Commended:  Fairview, Dordale Road

Small Property

Winner:  2 & 4 Dordale Road

Highly Commended:  Bourn Cottage, Bournheath Road

Business Property

Winner:  The Paddocks (Cattery), Parish Hill

Highly Commended:  Newbarn Farm, Swan Lane

Floral Fairfield

Floral Fairfield